Post Install Terms

Desert Lens LLC Post Installation Terms & Conditions

Installers work Tuesday – Saturday. Orders received before 4:00 pm should be installed sometime the following day, if
complete and accurate information has been provided and if access is not limited to certain hours. Installers start very
early and can work into the evening. Occasionally, orders located in very remote areas from the greater Phoenix area (I.e.,
Casa Grande) are not installed the following day.
The post installation fee includes the installation, one trip to the property to remove the post and the first six months
rent. After, an Extension Fee of $12 every three additional months will be charged. At the one year anniversary of the
installation, a $4 per month fee will be charged. Extension fees apply only until we receive a request to remove the post. If
you are unable to pay to Extension Fee, we will pick up all rented posts.
When we receive a request to remove our post, we will email you a confirmation. Retain this email for your records. If you
don’t receive our confirmation, please contact us immediately. Please tell the homeowner to leave our post installed. No
one is move or remove our property from where it is installed. If a post is improperly removed, the post can be broken. If
the post is inaccessible, you will be charged the applicable trip fees for us to make additional trips out to the property.
If post is not recovered or is broken or damaged, you are responsible for the replacement fee of the post as follows:
White Wooden Post – $55
Black Wooden Post – $60
Short White Post – $55
PV / Greyhawk Double Post – $140
Missing posts must be recovered within two weeks of the removal date to receive refund of replacement fee for the lost
For certain zip codes, we charge an additional Out of Area Fee. This fee compensates the installer for additional mileage
and time in remote areas. The fee includes the two necessary trips to the property to install and remove the post.
If you need us to make an additional trip to the property, a $30 fee will be applied (in the case the property is in an Out of
Area Zip Code, the fee will also include 50% of the original Out of Area fee).
Blue Stake marks buried utility lines (power, gas, water lines in metal pipe, telephone and television cable) if you or your
homeowner orders their service. If you choose not use this free service, we and our installers will not be responsible for
the repair expenses related to the damaged utility lines. You will be billed for any repair bills sent to us or installers for
such repairs.
PVC water lines are undetectable. Every time a post is installed, there is a risk hitting water lines. We and installers will not
reimburse a homeowner or agent for any expenses, damages or repairs (I.e., water bill, lost plants, plumber’s bill).
However, installer will repair PVC lines within 24 hours of notification of the problem.
Customer is responsible for checking the post upon installation. Installations are guaranteed for seven days. If the post
has fallen, is leaning or if you are dis-satisfied with the post quality, we will reinstall the post in the same location at no
charge when we’re notified within the first week after an installation. The installation is not intended to be permanent. We
cannot guarantee that the homeowner may not remove the post, over-water the grass, break the arm of the post from
improperly removing the post, etc.
Homes located in a subdivision governed by an HOA, may have additional regulations about sign type, placement, height,
etc. It is your responsibility to advise us if there are restrictions from the homeowner’s association before we send an
installer to the location.
As a courtesy, installers (Champs Post) will store our customer’s signs, riders, information tubes, brochure boxes and
lockboxes as long as these items are being reused at least once every two years. Your items are not insured (nor will you
be reimbursed) if items are lost or damaged.
By ordering a Post Installation, you consent to us sharing your name, email, phone number, CBS code, & shackle release
code with installer.
Terms and conditions are subject to change.
All orders are bound by this agreement